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Originally Posted by Dr.Smooth View Post
their is not really any silverbullet answer for a disc in 30 mph wind.

that is extreme for our sport. At that point superb technique will dictate more than the perfect disc choice!

any high speed overstable flattish distance driver thrown by a master of delivery will determine performance and results. not the disc~
I think that is generally true, however I think getting in the ballpark helps too. I maybe once a month or so get that high wind and I struggle to have enough beef. I do have some beefy discs like the Stiletto which does alright, same with the Rask. I don't like the feel of either very much though. So I am still searching out other options.

I think that flattish and high speed is the key. I also tried a Star Destroyer which was a little domier and it didn't work. It turned and burned.

Let's say I throw 55 mph. Now add a 30 mph headwind and we have an airspeed on the disc of 85 mph. Funny downwind that would translate to a 25 mph airspeed. Better throw something slower and flippy!
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