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Originally Posted by wolfmandragon View Post
I have a great sense of humor; Airplane is not funny. It's gags beats one over the head, almost like it was written for children but with adult content.

I can do slapstick, physical humor is great. I love dry, subtle humor. Adolescent humor though is not funny at all.

To farther piss people off, Monty Python was also horrible.

The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy had me in tears laughing, both the book and the movie.
Buffy, the tv series, was the greatest comedy of its time.
Hellfire, even watching old Lucy reruns from before I was born is better than Airplane.

Yeah, it is my view that a lot of what passes for humor is simply bad behavior.

I'm in a line of work where I see a lot of bad behavior all day long. So, I don't care to sit down and watch more of it in a movie.
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