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Alright, so my best Z Wasp found it's way home to me after being missing for three months (shocking, a successful disc return) I love this thing, it's a flat top 172g that will flip to flat and just coast forever. Now that I already replaced it with a new Z (that is max weight and beef), I'm going to ask the question that I'm sure I know the answer to already.

Is there a good way to cycle these? I love the feel and flight of mine, but the one I just got back overlaps my most OS Buzzz (it's actually a tick less stable than the Buzzz).

Should I just get my hands on some flat Rocs? I've never thrown them, but I don't want to get into an expensive or impossible cycle. I'm just not a huge fan of the naturally flippy mids (Meteor, Comet, Buzzz SS, etc.)

I will say that I absolutely love the two Wasps that I have and I wish I had one for every Mid shot.
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