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Originally Posted by Twmccoy View Post
I had some absolute bombs with a blizzard DD2, but I agree I'm not huge into Discmania. I liked the DDX, but I've never had reason to toss it in the bag. It doesn't nothing for me a Tern or Shryke won't. Shorter than either of them too.

Granted, I've never thrown any Discmania fairway drivers or mids. Who knows, they could have some great stuff there.
Originally Posted by wims View Post
I also had that sudden dump halfway through the fade with the DDX. It was weird. It bombed for me tho, although not quite as long as the Tern. It was more predictable than my star Terns in regards to its HSS, but the dumping fade made me take it out of the bag. The FD on the other hand is a must-bag fairway driver for me. Very much a point and shoot disc, super versatile
The FD is probably the best Discmania disc for me. The P2 does well, also.

One Discmania disc that was a real disappointment for me was the TD. Felt good in the hand, seemed to feel good coming out of the hand. Even had a guy on my home course compliment my throw of a TD, as it had no OAT and flew with a little turn then a tiny fade. But it just didn't seem to 'get there', like the air just wasn't underneath it. The Beast flies better for me.

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