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Originally Posted by Stable View Post
Couldn't wait for my Champion AviarX3 to arrive so I picked up a Star from PIAS on my way home today. Got about an hour with it on my local course. I really am enjoying it so far. It definitely is something that I can use equally FH & BH. I was hitting really long & accurate FH's with it in the woods. I've never thrown a disc on a FH flat that would just hold that dead straight line for 250' & land flat.

It really reminded me of a slower seasoned Zone. I never got too comfortable with the Zone's speed but the AviarX3 was really easy to learn. It's a shame my forearm has been so sore lately so I can't really keep testing it. Maybe in a few more weeks I can really lay into it but so far it seems like a winner.
Sometimes that extra speed on the Zone does make me a little wary. The extra sleekness allows the Zone to sub as a short, OS mid, but can exacerbate the pucker factor on touchy upshots or fast greens.

I have been waffling between bagging a Z Zone + a JB Zone, versus an AX3 + a mortar or other OS mid.
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