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Originally Posted by SuperWookie View Post
When you say OG thread, you mean what exactly? Is that one of the really old threads from the old DGR site? Or something else? And what is the thread link/name for the one you are referring too, so I can go back and read that please?

Those old forum posts on DGR from 2010-2012 with Blake T and all those guys have SO much great info in them. I've read about half of them so far, and keep finding all sorts of amazing nuggets of info in there.

And are there any dynamic drills or ways to work on this idea of disc lag, or keeping your hand on the outside of the disc with the elbow forward of the shoulder? And in your guys individual experiences, how long did it take you to go from knowing about this idea and practicing it, until you were able to do it finally do it, and then do it fairly consistently and see that big jump in distance? And more importantly easy distance.

I remember when I finally learned about lag in the golf swing and the golf pro showed me videos of what it was, it took maybe 3-4 months one summer of 3-4 times a week range practice to get it down to a fairly repeatable part of my swing. It was like I had FINALLY found the Magic of the golf swing and remember just pounding balls so far with literally half the effort and realized all the hard work had finally paid off.

I'm looking for that in the disc golf swing and still haven't found it after tons of practice. So any tips or sharing of thoughts on your personal experience of finding IT, is much appreciated!

Thanks guys for your replies so far
The OG "Right Pec" thread:

I mostly thought about just leveraging the disc like a hammer with the handle/thumb pointed away from target and weighted end opposite the thumb hammered/thrown/leveraged out to target repelled away from body. The weighted end of the hammer/disc will lag straight behind your acceleration.

Perpetually Swinging everything like a inside out pendulum/hammer back and forth and shifting weight back in balance are the best IMO.

I never really had a huge jump in distance, often 10-20' although I was usually just throwing putters/mids. I did have a couple huge jumps in efficiency which is what really lead to more distance down the road refining things. Throwing the disc like a hammer was the first efficiency jump and increased distance over span about 4 months lots of practice and hit plateau, and then using my lower body properly/balance which takes practice lots of practice to make it natural.

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