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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
As SW22 said it kind of takes care of itself if you keep things wide with good timing (you have been turning so aggressively your arm has to collapse to throw at the target). I was having lots of issues because I was reaching back with my arm (which isolated my arm from my shoulder plane), so when things started to feel better with my shoulders I had some different cues I was using to keep things on track. I bet things will line up for you when you get the reachback timed better and don't blast your hips so early compared to the rest of things.

The late reachback for me (thinking about reaching back as I'm already getting into the shift) is pretty critical for both timing of positions and power. I've been struggling with that for the last 6 months or so, today things were better timed for me and it leads to some pretty effortless distance even with a slow walk in. Moral of the story is the tempo and sequence of the shift is much more important than the amount you shift, if it's incorrect.
I see what you mean.

Another issue I just remembered, for anyone reading, is that I have no supination in my left wrist (throwing wrist). I injured my elbow long ago and while it has no pain, it basically only allows my forearm bones to rotate around each other by about 5 degrees or so. I'm not sure if this will be a problem or not, but I already have to only use a 3 finger grip (no index finger) so I can keep my hand more on top of the disc to try and keep the disc on a good plane. I might take a picture of my grip to clarify. I think it will be okay because I have been able to throw good nose down drives sometimes. Of course the lack of the index finger on the rim might reduce some overall potential power.
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