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So I didn't have much success in the field today. I was trying to delay my reachback but in the video it still shows me getting the disc all the way back and my arm extended when it should be moving forward. It was also surprisingly difficult to not round (I was still rounding). Had a couple "decent" throws though. Anyway, I got some video from behind today. Still the biggest problem is my arm coming around way later than it needs to be. It's also easier to see when the disc ejects in this view, and it's definitely too early. That's probably my compensation for the arm coming through too late. I remember that my good throws feel like the disc is basically moving past me, while it looks here that I'm moving forward and then the disc is moving forward. The "hit" always feels way later than it should be, just need to retrain the muscle memory. Also I'm sure there are balance issues too, but how does the bracing look? It's still somewhat of a foreign concept of what it should feel like.

This frame is from the first throw in the video, and out of 10 videos it looks like I got the disc the furthest into the "power pocket".

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