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In a standstill, you need to get your weight shifted to the back foot, it should feel like 80-100% of your weight is on the instep/toes of your rear foot and your rear hip is internally rotated. Then as you are at max reachback (approx) you will be shifting into the heel-down plant foot in the Hershyzer drill type of feeling. Your weight should be driven into the plant and this should cause the elbow to move forward. As this is happening, the hips will start to open because you are braced correctly and you can then start the swing.

If you just start to rotate off of your rear foot, you aren't shifting any weight into the Hershyzer plant (the body will just rotate, no mass slides forwards). If you aren't braced correctly you'll simply step past your brace foot (you're not exhibiting this).

I realize if you aren't used to standstills then it can be tricky to throw them, but at the same time...if you can get this feeling in a standstill then the X-step will only add to it.

Edit: If you're currently throwing your mids 300', then you should be able to get them 250'+ standstill for sure.

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