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Originally Posted by Nenja View Post
I was about to post the opposite in comparison to the compass. Isn't the Compass very HSS? While the pine have a US touch like the Buzzz? To me it flies like a Buzzz with more fade. Nice disc.
Originally Posted by tomte View Post
I was getting a Compass and hoping for a disc between the Bard and Warship and since Ricky and his big arm is using it I had high hopes. But either my form is really crap or he uses it at <70%. Actually I don't see him throw it too much, he is using either Harp or Felon most of the time. I was really disappointed of the Compass HSS and headwind abilities.
^^^ Agree. I found my Opto and Gold Line Compasses to be like the Buzzz, except that for me the Buzzz flew further.

Also, Ricky's signature is on the Compass, but it seems he throws the new Anchor when he wants a more OS disc in that range, and of course Ricky throws the Harp like nobody's business...
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