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have cut down on playing the last few weeks. It's been breaking 100 regularly, so a little unpleasant.
I did a field session the other day.

feel 100% on these:
go-to putter: wizard
go-to mid: buzzz
go-to fairway: explorer

I have 2 more mold slots I feel undecided about:
o/s putter/mid
u/s fairway

For the o/s putter/mid, it's the Harp vs Zone. I don't have a ton of throws with either of them. I did a field session the other day, and my initial impression was I favor the Zone. It feels better in my hand for the fan grip (I only throw bh), I guess b/c of the more shallow rim and being beadless. I had a cleaner release with it. Other than that, not much difference. I could see myself throwing either of these. For the time being, going to go out with the Zone for the next 10 rounds or so and really give it a try.

The u/s fairway is a new mold for me to try. Before I was discing up when I wasn't ready yet. I have 4 discs here: seer, river, mantis, and heat. Again, don't have a ton of throws with any of these discs, but I did do a practice session with them. I had thrown the seer before, and loved the lines I was getting, but felt the rim was too thin. The River also feels a bit thin for my liking. Even though it's similar to the explorer (same company, same plastic, same speed), it doesn't feel quite as beefy in my hand. The mantis feels better, and the heat feels the best as far as power grip in my hand.
I was surprised to find out that the Seer actually had the best flights for me. I got the best s-curves out of it.
I'm going to take these out for some more practice sessions to compare. For the time being though, for my rounds, think I'm leaning towards the Heat b/c it feels the best in my hand
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