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I practiced a couple hours more. Trying to focus on reachback and keeping the hand on the outside of the disc. I also tried to stay balanced on my front leg but it's really hard.

I think I should keep focusing for a week on those things. Also I will try to rotate on my heel instead of my toes. That will be hard to correct this...

I also tried to see the differences between me and SW. I thought there would be more. But when I see how far SW throws and my 80 meters max, I think those differences make in fact huge difference!

Watching those images, I think I'm moving forward too soon. I'm also turning my shoulderds too soon. Am I right?

I will pratcice at least one hour per day all this week, that's why I'm asking so many things.

As always, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
Especially because I start a DG club next week. Nobody knows what is DG here so I want to be able to explain as much as possible.
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