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Feel-wise, in the second set of images in the classic "power pocket" position, SW has just used his weight shift/momentum landing on the right leg to bring his torso to this position and the arm/disc are coming along. His rear leg is fully de-weighted in this image and weight is caught on the front leg, but his momentum continues with the disc/arm coming forward at that same pace.

Whereas you are still pushing with the rear foot and you are pulling with the arm from the first image to the second. You are already using arm muscles, rather than getting to this position much more smoothly and passively with the arm. Think of this as getting to a "launch position" that gets you set up to then swing the arm, not a throw from the top of the backswing forward.

Your arm motion and lots of things look really good to me. Just fundamentally you need to have a bit more of a weight shift from back leg to front leg, and that sets you up to catch and redirect your momentum into the throw from the front leg. Not a push from rotation from the back leg.

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