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Originally Posted by PMcBeth View Post
I don't agree with making the bullseye type basket exclusive in the long run but why not make a standard for the players who want tougher baskets and courses. Test it for the pros and see if it makes the game more exciting if it does go with it. If not no big deal we have the same game again and the forum is happy still.
What's everyone's thoughts about this?
If it was done with intention of making the change global if found to work, I would have little issue with it. Maybe a little worried that the global change will never take effect if existing baskets cannot be refitted.

Is there a difference between a bullseye and a basket without the outer chains? If the difference is negliable the work required to refit existing baskets seems manageble.

On a more curious note: What do you think it will do to your putting distances, Paul - in terms of decreasing your "comfort zone"?
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