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Originally Posted by crd 81 View Post
Whick kind of OLF does it compare to, 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3?

Also, how would the Shock react on a 400ft throw?
Went back and read through some of the thread:


If I had to compare all three MVP drivers this is how they rank
Amp = Sidewinder
Volt = Q-Orion LS
Shock = S/M-Orion LF 1.1

ZAM and myself hit the field after work, I'm not sure if he threw it actually. Anyways I find in this case it makes since to compare the Shock to the Volt as they can be similar.

The Shock and Volt can hold similar lines but they don't fly the same. I found the Shock handled power better than the Volt. As in it flew farther because it flipped forward later and has more low speed fade so it can fight out of the flip

Here are the shots the Shock excels at:
Flat spin controlled hyzers - so those with low speed will like this for hyzers
Distance Hyzer flips - flips flat with a bit of turn and then fades back

Comparing Shock to the Volt:
The Volt when flipped up wants to hold onto the turn. there is not enough fade to carry it back left. The Shock when flipped up will turn out and then fade back late. This helps it hold power better and carry forward longer. On good hits the Shock was going 25ft farther than the Volt. The Shock comes out of the hand faster, but the speed is the same. I'd say the HSS is the same but the Shock has more LSS.
It's good to know that it flies similar to a 1.1 Olf. Those were the ones that everyone seemed to like.
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