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Originally Posted by DGRZ001 View Post
If the disc is thrown so that it is closer to the target after it was thrown than before, then it was thrown toward the target. That would be roughly 90 degrees left or right.
Problem is that it says _a_ target.

That can be in any direction, making "toward" having no defined direction, before making the throw.
It makes no sense for me to interpret that as anything else than having _a_ specific target in mind for the throw. As in _praticising_ your throw.

I would be hard pressed to call a 1,5m throw 85 degrees to the side "a throw towards a target" (unless it was the actual throw gone bad ofc.).

The rule is, I would think, there to prevent your from making practice putts on a basket you have already finished fx. Or against something else. That can easily be away from the basket you are playing next.

So, to me at least, it is not so clear cut.
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