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I've also done a frame-by-frame analysis.

It's only frame 1 and I'm already leaning back too much. Everything else looks fine to me though.

In frame 2, I've already started reaching back too early. Also leaning back too much.

Frame 3: Here I think my arm is too far back and not out enough, causing me to round. Additionally, I am leaning too far back to remain balanced when I come through with my arm.

Frame 4: I think I get off my back foot well here but my torso is still tilted back a little too much. My arm is still lagging back compared to Paul's.

Frame 5: This one is the real kicker. My arm is so far behind at this point that I'm basically cooked already.

I would post the last two, but I have enough work to do already here.... I'll try and match the picture size better next time too.

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