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What this reminds me of is someone trying to swing a baseball bat by focusing on massive weight shift/hip firing, before bat path is fully correct (your elbow forward position isn't happening), and at the detriment of overall balance. As SW22 said you did a good self analysis.

Don't stride so far forward, when you plant your foot is so far ahead that you can't catch your weight on it (you are going "into" it too much and that's why your knee never straightens and you end up tilted back).

You need to get your reachback extension later, you are reaching back early and the disc is dragging forward with an extended arm, then you fire the hips really hard and that causes your torso to lag behind and your left arm hugs your torso. I think this is a reason why you aren't getting to the elbow forward hand on the outside of the disc position.

To simplify, I would focus on shorter, light steps into a balanced Hershyzer type plant. And for upper body, delay the reachback and focus on keeping your forearm parallel to the line of fire as it is brought to your chest, before the shoulder unloading.
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