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Originally Posted by HeavyCritters View Post
I'm going to eat crow and give some big ups to MountainMan and da Crippler for really turning the HH ship around. I've been following their work here and on Facebook, and they are killing it up there. In the best way possible.

I know I've been Debbie Downer in this thread (as well as the other one) about the future of HH under MountainMan, and I stand corrected.

Can't wait to get up there and play it again.

Read this and found the FB page. MM is a determined fella. He obviously "walks the walk". It was really cool scrolling through watching all the progress he and the crew have made. His passion is infectious and it's awesome to see you guys who have a history at HH get re-excited through all of it. While I never got to experience the joy of the original HH in the hey day, I'm confident by the time I do make the trip it is going to be something special.

After seeing some of the photos of the trash piles and dilapidated buildings I would assume the surrounding residents are loving the clean up.

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