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Originally Posted by timj5304 View Post
Understandable, I mainly use a firebird for utility shots such as thumbers which are probably 75% of what I use them for, flatter the better, flat discs cut through the air much better, at least for me and others I know whom throw thumbers. I also tend to use firebirds as a secondary forehand disc where I have bad footing and need to put a lot of anny on a disc but need it to come out at the end which the super over stable firebirds are money for. I also use them for skip shots under about 230 ft and occasionally a cut roller as well. The firebird is not used for everyday shots for me by anymeans, it doesn't fly far enough or straight enough for me to be used often on most courses but there are some courses I play I use it a ton. The sexton firebird after using it a couple more days is a much better forehand disc for regular forehand shots. My problem is it doesn't have a ton of glide. So I have a much less stable firebird that still is glideless
That makes dense. If I used them for those things I'd definitely want a super OS one. I throw mine for controlled hyzers lot so the FAFs are a bit much.
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