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I switched to aviar3 from P2s and before that from wardens. I have also thrown P3s and Zones quite a bit.

Aviar3 is less like the p2 than I hoped. It definitely seems more OS, I'd put it inbetween the p2 and the p3 but definitely closer to the p2. I'm comparing it to the FR D line P3s and Luster P2s.

The profile is great, very shallow. Not zone shallow/compact but definitely like a p3 where it doesn't quite have that putter feel in the hand. I haven't thrown it enough to give it a comprehensive review but I made the switch purely based on feel in the hand, not flight path. I'm hoping they release these in pro plastic. I'd like to test it more side by side with p3s and my blend wardens.

I wouldn't call it an OS putter but it's definitely straight with a hearty fade. Then again...p3s aren't necessarily Os. I haven't thrown any of the newer ones though.
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