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Default Innova, Discraft, and MVP. Drivers, mid-range and putters

First thread in the marketplace! I've got a few extra discs laying around that I want to get rid of. Prices are shipped, let me know if you have any questions, or other offers. Would be willing to trade something for a flat firebird, otherwise paypal is the way to go!

Discs with no ink:

10/10, never thrown Champion Flake Krait, Tom Selinske US Masters Stamp, 175g:
Front, Back $15

10/10, never thrown 175g pro Boss, Tournament Stamp.
Front:, Back: $11

9/10, thrown twice ~173g Pro-D Challenger. Front:, back: $8 SOLD

Discs with ink on back:
7/10 Cryzstal Z Stalker Tourney-Stamp, 172-176g as marked on disc. Front:, back: $10

9/10 Elite-X Stratus Tourney Stamp. Light ink, thrown 2-4 times. Front:, back $11 SOLD

8/10 Z Comet. Medium ink, lightly thrown. Front:, back: $10 SOLD

9/10, few putts on it. ~175g Soft Proton Anode. Front:, back: $11 SOLD

8/10 Champion Teebird 171g. Medium ink but only thrown 4-7 times. Front:, back: $8 SOLD

8/10 Medium 174g Proton Ion. Front:, back: $9 SOLD

9/10, field-thrown twice; 168 Champion Glow Sidewinder, Tournament Stamp. Front:, back: $12 SOLD

10/10, never thrown 175g BB Aviar DLHO-Stamped. Front:, back: 9 TRADED

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