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Discs I'm not that into: Zeppelin, Gateway(except Wiz), Halo, Havoc

Discs I love: Cannon, PD, Pain, SE Drone, *DS Destroyers, Quasar, Wizards

Disc I'd like: [All 170+ please] S-PD2, TI Wasp(bright color), Pink TI Buzz, G9 Wizards, Icon Cannons, Legacy Ghost, Glow KC Pro Roc(10x mold remix), Glow Gator, 11x TeeBird, Boss, anything else will be appreciated as well

Swag: 2x or 3x Dri-Fit(Legacy would be EPIC), DD Hat, Legacy Hat, any flex fit hat(lol), Mini Driver, silver or gold sharpies, Black and Gold(GO HAWKEYES!!) paracord zipper pulls, any and all other shiz will be accepted and appreciated.

Thanks again for all you do on getting this together.
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