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Originally Posted by TKWolverine View Post
I'm a 63-year-old disc golfer coming to terms with the fact that age and nagging shoulder problems are beginning to drastically change my game. On a good day, I max out at about 325-330. I am starting to seek out lighter and less stable drivers to try to cheat Father Time a little.
Any suggestions re. which discs give the easiest distance off the tee?
I cringe at the words "easy distance" or "easiest distance", but I understand what you're asking. My suggestions are:

S-Line TD.
Star Roadrunner or Star Sidewinder.
Champion Krait (mine is 160g and awesome for me)
Star and/or Champion Tern (around 160g, give or take a few)
Gold Line Fury -or- Opto Fury if GL beats in too fast for you.

The above work well for me and my noodle arm, and IMHO will work well for you also.
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