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Default Comet or Other?

So I think I have myself talked into wanting to try a Comet. Let me know if I'm off base.

I drive with my Proxy a lot but there are times when facing a tight & long wooded hole where something with similar flight characteristics but a bit longer would be nice. But I'd still like that zero fade touch down landing. I have a neutral/stable M4 but it seems like a big diameter fairway driver and I think I'd like something slower for finesse wood holes... SO... slower but still far and zero fade. Seems like this might exist in a Comet?

If so what plastic type? ESP seems to be the middle ground according to the thread forums, is that what I want? Which plastic is most straight with no fade of the bunch (which has most high speed stability but 0 fade?)

There were some other discs I thought of from reading forum or talking to others. Please tell me if Iím wrong Iím going by what others said about the discs:

-Alias - this was a contender but seeing as itís short for a mid and that I drive fast putters (Proxy and Envy), sounds like there would be too much overlap.
-Mako3: sounds like the right type of flight but maybe a little faster than I want and less glide; also likely good amount of overlap with the Proxy
-Fuse: too understable and finicky
-And a few others that after reading threads didn't seem to fit the bill: Squall (too stable), Claymore, others?

Would a Proxy and Comet pair well together? I realize there would be some overlap there too.

Thanks all!
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