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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
All Comets are fun to throw, but flatter ones are less stable out of the box...ones with more shoulder are a firmer HSS = 0. My X Comet is very HSS, more than Z and ESP I have tried. It did fly 4/4.5/0/1 for a while though, now it has essentially zero fade like a putter, just a slight drop to the left.

Comets are good and glidey if they have height, like a putter. If it's woods with tall trees then it is perfect, it will get you 30'+ distance on your putters very easily. But if it is low ceiling woods, then I still choose a speed 5ish Buzzz-type mid for the more guaranteed straight line distance. I would throw a Truth/Claymore/Core/Mako3/etc. over a Comet if it is a low line woods shot that I need to glide out there on a rope. If it's weaving through skinny trees and I don't need to keep the disc <10' off the ground to get it way out there, then I'd choose the Comet.
Originally Posted by Marmoset View Post
You are correct, Comets can handle this task very well.
The other posters above me have already added good insight. On top of what they already said, I will add a few things:

ESPs can be fantastic discs. My favorite disc of all time (not just my favorite Comet but favorite disc PERIOD) is an ESP Comet that is beat to perfection. It is domey. I have about 20 first run LE Comets stashed away and they are a mixture of domey and not-as-domey. Both styles are out there so being choosy and buying in person or after seeing photos is a good idea.

Zs tend to be beefy. You mentioned wanting "zero fade" and the Z wont give you that out of the box. They will eventually get there with enough tree-love If you throw exceptionally hard, have less than perfect form, or just want more overstability then Z might be great for you. Zs and ESPs can be sneaky long, for me that is 350'+ if I don't have a ceiling to worry about. Tailwinds will help even more

X Comets are the most neutral out of the box. My first introduction to Comets was with the X and that particular disc is now so delicately neutral (on shots <200') that the slightest influence will convince it to smoothly glide equally to the left or right. When I was throwing Comets all the time, this disc- like the ESP I mentioned earlier- was like it was remote controlled. Most huckers would consider it finnicky but I could almost always convince it to go exactly where I wanted it to. Choosing a line through the tightly wooded trees was not an issue at all. And as it got older and beat-in, it could carry a tight ceiling requirement due to the phenomenal glide.

I really can't say enough about Comets in the tightly wooded holes. But don't call me a fanboy, there are several limitations to the Comet. Wind susceptibility is probably the biggest one. Also, I rarely ever use Comets in the open holes because putters or fairways usually get the nod.

As big as a Comet fan that I am, I didn't bag them for about 6 years. This was only because I went to an all-150g bag and there weren't any 150g Comets. I replaced that slot with beat DX Rocs. If for some reason you don't jive with the Comet then a beat Roc is a great substitute. I don't know of any other substitutions because either the Comet or the Roc did everything I needed and I didn't keep looking for others.

tl/dr: I hope you can use these posts to guide you... a domey X Comet is a great introductory step into the Comet world. It sounds like the perfect fit for what you described.
Wow guys, thank you all. Good solid consistent advice. Thank you for all the breakdowns.

Slowplastic: Yep, weaving woods with tall trees - Comet sounds like the winner - good breakdown, thank you.

Marmoset: holy crap 20, TWENTY!?! LE Comets? HAH! All seriousness, thank you for the detailed write up - very good info. I CAN use that to guide me. Sounds like a domey x or possibly even a domey ESP would be way to go.

Thank you all, much appreciated
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