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Default The effect of dome on a mold, is there a consensus?

In my very limited experience with one mold in a time period of form development I formed the opinion that more dome meant more HSS and more Low Speed Fade (LSF). I thought my domed matrix (lost) was more resistant to high speed turn and glided out a lot further than the flat matrix that replaced it.

This post from Wolfmandragon
Originally Posted by wolfmandragon View Post
On mids, more dome usally means less stability, not more.
made me realize I donít know and donít have enough experience to really know. Searching Dome wasnít helpful. So, this question. Please pardon me if this has already been done to death in another thread.

Again, the question what heuristic(s)/rule of thumb are available for the effects of more dome on a mold (always wanted to use that word)?

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