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Originally Posted by Meillo View Post
More dome should equal more glide. But this, like stability, seems to be also or mainly related to the PLH (parting line height).
WHOA whoa whoa.

Before we go any further in this thread, I want everyone to keep in mind that yes, PLH is king when it comes to stability.

For the sake of discussion in this thread though, let's assume that OP meant "all else held equal, how does dome affect HSS and LSS in putters, mids, fairways and distance drivers?"

It's worth mentioning that a dome can go hand in hand with higher PLH, as when the disc cools a certain way it pushes the PLH up, which puts more pressure on the flightplate, which domes up in response.

But that being said, again, I think it's worth it to try and address the question of how discs with differing dome but same PLH can be expected to fly.

Also, say you have two discs of the same mold, plastic, weight, condition, etc to compare and you place them flat on a table. Say the rims line up perfectly, but one disc has a high dome and the other is relatively flat. Do you say they have the same parting line height or is the PLH lower on the domey disc because the rim is relatively lower on the total profile?

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