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Originally Posted by tampabay View Post
Shryke was actually too stable, DDx falls in that group as well. I'm really looking for something I can lace those long tight wooded lines with so I don't have to worry about putting enough on it to keep it from fading out early. Both of those discs are great for distance lines but seem to have a magic amount of power to prevent them from hyzering or turning and burning. The havocs were truly understable but had LSS which made it much easier to hit that sweet spot.

Not too sure about the katana, do they even still make those?
I think you'll like the Crank, although I have only thrown like one or two. I'm used to Havocs in normal plastics being like -3/2, definitely not tunnel drivers, but I guess in Moonshine that is a different case.

Crank is less HSS than Shryke, it is very neutral with a wiggle to the side and enough fade to be reliable if there isn't wind. Quite easy to throw on golf lines. I also agree that the DDX can be too stable and dumpy. Crank is easier to throw than both of those. It reminds me of my perfectly beat Destroyer, which is a big compliment. Although I don't think it's as reliable in different conditions just because of it being designed as that stability rather than beat to that stability.

I would stay away from the Katana, I've just thrown too many garbage OS dumpy ones. Good ones are more for open bombers IME.

Trespass is another one you could try depending on the PLH. They have a smaller rim and are very very neutral...almost like a speed 11/12 fairway driver. They will hold a turnover if they are on the less stable end, which is the only risk but you're used to a Havoc. Also they aren't very nose angle sensitive seeing as their rim is a bit smaller.
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