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Originally Posted by 1978 View Post
You compared Paul McBeth to a beginning player and how they get better? knowing what your disc does is the most important thing. Throwing 1 disc then walking 300 ft, repeat, to see how that mold flys is ridiculous. Also you did the lazy thing of picking one piece and saying you couldnt disagree more...which means that you think having multiples of discs can in no way shape or form, ever make you better. Just remember to let people play through when you are noob annying your Ape or Groove that you bought because the flight numbers looked right.

"I'm willing to bet there is zero correlation between number of discs owned and skill level once you get past 10 or so discs."

# of discs doesnt correlate to practice. # of practice discs correlates to practice. If you have never gone to a field or a specific shaped hole and thrown 5-6 of the same disc to practice lines, muscle memory, and shot shaping, you are leaving a whole bunch of shots on the table when you play.

Anyone who thinks Paul doesnt take a stack of 10 of the same disc or 15 putters and just practices throwing the same shot over and over is loony.

Do you also disagree that payout is a great way for smaller companies to trial their discs?
Okay fine. Here's a better example for you. I went from 883 to 967 in 15 months throwing a bag of 6 discs with one back up of each. So I used 12 discs total to practice. I don't need to know how a specific mold flies bc there is so much variance in plastic injection molding that two of the same mold could fly completely different, but I sure know how those 12 discs in my bag fly. Sometimes I would throw most all of them on the same hole so I could practice different shot shapes with each disc. I bet I knew my bag better than most people out there bc I threw those specific discs so often, the same discs I was using in tournaments. Sure Paul McBeth throws the same discs several times but by no means is that what makes him successful. Plus when he's on tour, he doesn't have room to carry 100s of discs so he probably throws mainly what is in his bag.

As far as payout being a great way to trial discs for smaller companies, I'm on the same page there. Although I think player packs could do the same thing.

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