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Who cares what the measurements are.
Does it fly well? (Because mine freaking bombs)
Does it fly like something on the market already? (Nope, mine is OS and fast as I’ve ever seen)

I would assign flight numbers for my set at 13, 5, 0, 3

I’m constantly out driving my hyper flip glidey crushers with these falcons that I have to crush on anny to flip. For being flat and OS it glides and has a distance eating forward finish.

For reference I throw 400’ golf shots consistently so I’m no bomber but not bad.

This thing moves quick, nice skip, wind worthy and consistent. The Sirius plastic I received is sweet like a firm pearly and early Innova champ disc.

Just found my new go to....... until they retool it into something completely unrecognizable from the protos

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