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Originally Posted by Steve West View Post
Glad you like it. It takes a bit of staring.

For those who haven't looked, if you keep in mind that when the line is going up, the player is playing above their rating, you can almost replay the event in your mind.

A few tidbits:

After two rounds, Paul's expected final score was 16 throws better than anyone else, even though he was behind Emerson by one at that point. That makes me wonder whether anyone else ever really had a chance.

Note how far above his rating Emerson was playing until hole 16 in the second round at Northwood. He was gaining an average of .41 throws on himself every hole!

Simon's 14 under was 5 better than expected for him, while Ricky's 14 under was 7 better than he would have expected.
The biggest thing I got out of it was this:

I had not realized how badly Paige Bjerkaas had fallen off the pace as the tournament progressed. I knew she was way behind, but not that she faded and kept on fading.
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