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Originally Posted by Lumberjack504 View Post
First of all, welcome! I think you're on the right track already as far as dropping the higher speed overstable plastic. This will serve you well in the long run.

Second of all, get some video, like yesterday! We can't really point you in the proper direction until we see what you're actually trying to do with the disc.

Until we see some video, go watch through sidewinder's videos here, and start with power of posture:

Don't try to muscle the disc, focus on lower body. Your nose up issues could be poor grip alignment, or not getting your weight forward, but more likely a mixture of the two.

Oh yeah, FORGET the term "reachback". It's a dirty, evil word that should never be spoken in disc golf. You do NOT reach back, you turn your hips back into a backswing, and the arm and disc unit follow. Everything is ground up.

Enjoy the journey. If you really work at this, with your wingspan, you have the potential to really crush. You'll likely improve in quantum leaps in the beginning, and then things will stall. This is normal. Try different things, have fun with it, and don't try to muscle it!

Oh yeah, practice putting.
I did find that link today that has all the videos from SW22, HUB, etc. That is a gold mine of information. So I will definitely be making me way through most/all of those over the next few weeks/months.

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