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It is not replacing any of my discs such as my banshees, whippets, firebird, or teebirds.

Backhand? it is overstable and short, nothing special, I could achieve same line with my banshee or 10 other overstable discs. My backhand isn't accurate or long enough to really test this disc and compare though.

Forehand is where my game is at and I can really test a disc out. I can carve tough or low lines with my forehand. I throw 385ft forehand on flat ground with my boss, 300 feet with my firebird. 280 with my banshee.

The high speed stability as it leaves my hand is similar to an old KC Pro 11x banshee. It is not as HSS stable as my 1 year old champion banshee though.

As it slows down, (it slows down quick) it dumps a lot quicker than my banshees(285ft). I throw Demons(250ft) and Whippets(265ft) and even they don't seem to lose velocity or dump out of the air like my shock. On a good throw I can probably throw it same distance as banshee, but more often than not it would dump shorter. Maybe it's my lack of spin, or nose up on the disc makes it more finicky.

My banshees seem to fade more forward, and they get a little more distance because of it. Now, It isn't bad that there is a dump with the shock if you play your lines expecting it.

I got a birdie today with it on a hole, where I would normally throw a whippet.

Unlike a whippet, the high speed stability isn't as much, so on tight lines i have to throw it with more of a hyzer angle or higher in the air to get the same line.

I have 6 whippets, 3 banshees, 3 firebirds, 4 demons, 4 teebirds so I don't see myself wanting to replace them with my shock, unless my shock seasons nicely through use.

How do these Shocks beat in and season?
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