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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
Note that the PDGA allows TDs to retain 15% for C-tiers (required payout is 85%). Around here, it's the culture that doesn't.

There are several factors that vary widely between events, that complicate comparisons:

TDs have varying arrangements for merchandise. Someone who's self-vending, may have a margin of 30% or more. If he has 50 Ams @ $40 entry, that's $2,000 to pay back (players packs and merch)---but may only cost him $1,400, generating $600 revenue. Or more. Which is better than a set fee or percentage. Other TDs don't have the same sort of deal.

Events have varying fixed costs. If you have to pay $1,000 to the parks department to rent the course, and I don't have to pay anything, our bottom lines will be much different. (Some have suggested that the change needed is for fixed costs to be deducted from payouts).
Greens fees are already deducted from required payout.

Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
The rub is that if Tournament A has a sweet vending deal and low fixed costs, so pays out almost the entire entry and still profits; but Tournament B does not, so deducts a TD fee and pays out a meager amount; which will players attend?
Likely both if they don't overlap on the schedule and both entry fees are reasonable. Players don't object to paying for what they get, they object to feeling ripped off.

I would bet that you can run a $10 (for Ams) C Tier at Stoney Hill with no payout or player's package and fill it up.
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