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Originally Posted by Gmtata01 View Post
I throw RHBH.

1. Are their any holes in my bag? FYI,I hate beaded discs.
2. Aviar 3 vs P2??? Thoughts
3. I throw these 3 discs maybe 1-2 time each round or not at all: Thunderbird, Mako3, XT NOVA...should I keep them
4. I bag 6 extra discs for water and extra risky shots that I don't care if I lose. Good choice?? Thoughts??
First the water discs... why carry the Hydra, when you can just use the DX Aviar? And for that matter, just carry a DX Leopard or DX Teebird (which beats in to be TL-like), and you'd have them for water shots -AND- as potential backups if you lose a regular disc.

As to the rest:
Holes in the bag: an understable 9-speed like the Sidewinder would compliment your Thunderbird.

There are a couple of good threads in the Discs section about the Aviar3 vs. the P2. I like both, but the Av3 replaced the P2 -and- the Hornet in my bag. The Av3 is awesome, and worth giving a try.

On the discs you don't often throw, I'd ask if you use them at all on the courses you play. My preferred way to test their need is to leave one of them at home for a round. If you find yourself reaching for that disc, or wishing you had it for a certain shot, then put it back in the bag. If you go a round, then another, then another, without missing it... you can leave it out.
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