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I have never known what zipper top meant... can someone help me with my ignorance...

Originally Posted by DiscinMiller View Post
Take my review with a grain of salt as im an 875 rated player and mostly a buzzz thrower as opposed to ROCs but:

Zipper top. Hard but not too much so plastic. I would say it feels more like a gator in hand than a Roc3 (which i did bag for a couple years)

I threw mine in a field yesterday vs a verdict and a Buzzz OS. I found the Rocx3 to be a touch less stable than my Buzzz OS which would make it a bit more every day usable for me. My buzzz OS I throw only specialty shots with

In my opinion if this was using general disc golf terms Id call it a GatorSS. The feel to me is more like a straighter gator, than an overstable roc. But I am good with some original analogies stating if the Gator and Roc3 had a baby this would be it.

For those hoping for the look and feel of the roc with overstablity i think you may be a touch disappointed, although the flight may be about what you're looking for, I found the feel to be quite different.

I bought four and will likely sell three and continue to throw the one i tested for a few months.
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