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Somehow, no one has mentioned the Thunderbird. Its a Firebird that has had its LSF cut in half.

Also the Shryke. Its the flippy Destroyer that everyone wants, but most never get to it, at least not in Star.

Innova has released a slew of OS putters/mids recently, the Aviar3, AviarX3, RocX3, Rat, Caiman, Gator3, and DM released the P3x, MD3 and MD4

Innova's patent on the ThumbTrac recently expired, and Lat 64 (Caltrop), DD (Slammer), and Discraft (Ringer GT), have all created ThumbTrac putters.

Discraft has totally become more than just a company best known for its mids, with the Vulture, Undertaker, Thrasher, Punisher, Machete, Heat, Challenger OS and SS, and possibly more I've forgotten about.

Vulture: OS longer FW, similar to Innova's Thunderbird, or DMs PD

Undertaker: solid slightly OS FW

Thrasher: US driver that goes far, without a big rim

Punisher: closest thing to a DC Destroyer

Machete: Longer Predator

Heat: DCs Roadrunner

Challenger OS & SS: OS and US versions of the popular Challenger

Millennium released some interesting stuff including the Scorpius (Destroyer like), Taurus (RocX), Aries (similar to a SW. and Hyzerbomb released the Mortar (beadless/microbeaded Gator)

Several small companies have sorung up, such as: Reptilian Disc Golf (their Stego is the most OS disc ever)
Infinite Discs started making their own discs, with Innova doing the molding (their Exodus is a consistent Eagle-L)
Kastaplast is a Finnish company that makes super awesome plastic
There is probably a couple of those I've forgotten too.

I'm gonna let the Trilogy and MVP fanbois fill in for those companies.

If I was building a bag, it would be:
Discraft Ringer GT
RDG Stego
Millennium Taurus
Discraft Undertaker
Innova Thunderbird
Discraft Heat/Millennium Aries
Discraft Machete
Millennium Scorpius/Infinite Pharoah
Innova Shryke

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