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Originally Posted by mojorooks View Post
How about overall durability? How would you say it compares to other plastics?

My home course is heavily wooded and my discs get beat up. I would say the life expectancy of my main DX driver to be 9 months (2 18s twice a week thrown for a least 15). Recently my thunderbird took a bad hit and 'limped' the next couple holes. I'm frugal and with MVP costing a bit more, if it holds its flight characteristics, I could actually come out ahead.
Agreed with jakebake91. I put the initial 2x or more cost into MVP putters over baseline putters and use them for all putts, approaches FH/BH, and BH drives...basically they get thrown 50-100x more than any other disc in my bag while hitting lots of metal, and only after like 5 years am I cycling them out because they are noticeably turning on drives. I bet I'd have seen half a season out of baseline putters if used the same way and I wanted to be able to drive them with power and hold straight.

If you get a mold you like, you'll definitely come out ahead because of the durability. Of course freak accident gouges can happen to any disc but that is completely random/unlucky.

Edit: Volt is likely a good Thundy comparison I think? Little different characteristics but it should use the same slot in the bag. I'm a Thunderbird thrower and only thrown a Volt a couple of times, so I'm sure others have better comparisons for you if the Thundy is what you'd be replacing.

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