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Default SuperWookie Form Thread

Hey everyone! I'm new here, haha

So I decided to take the plunge and start a swing/thow analysis page for myself. And even though I'm new to disc golf, I'm not new to sports or advanced levels of sports. Especially golf, tennis and hockey. I've played frisbee with a buddy of mine for MANY years in his backyard and we can chuck it, and have such a nice relaxing time in the warmer weather just hanging out, chuckin the disc! A little background about me to help you understand where I'm coming from. I'm super tall... 6'8" , athletic, have played sports my entire life, and most sports I play I'm either good or really good at them, and it doesn't take me long to pick them up.

But this Disc Golf thing is driving me crazy so far, haha. I started "playing" a few weeks ago and it's just super aggravating so far, haha. I've played two 9 hole rds, and been to the practice field 4 times so far (about 1.5 hrs each time). To go from a beginner to being able to hit the ball properly and really well in tennis and golf, it barely took me a few years, and that was with hardly any practice or determination and in my teens when I didn't give a crap about practicing or learning anything. And now that I'm an adult and really put the time and effort into learning, reading, and practicing things I want to become good at, I can't believe it's taking me this long to pick this throwing motion up! It looks SO STUPID easy when you watch someone like Philo just nonchalantly throw a disc 350-400' with almost no effort at all! But it isn't! And it's really annoying the hell out of me, haha. I mean, I didn't expect to be a pro or an expert in a few weeks or anything, but I at least thought I'd be able to throw it pretty far and fairly straight almost immediately based on my ability to pick up and play tennis, golf, softball, frisbee and may other sports so quickly. And that is NOT happening.

So I decided I need to start my own swing/throw analysis thread so I can start getting the help I need to become better. As it is driving me crazy that I can't throw it well.

And before anyone even asks, NO I don't have a video yet of my throw, but as soon as I do, I'll post it here so people can rip it to shreds and tell me how amazing they are and how bad I am, haha.

I was told last week, that I should be in here instead of the disc threads, that it's not the discs fault, it's me. Everyone also suggested for now, to mostly stay away from drivers or any disc above a speed 7 and just throw a bunch of putters and midrange discs. My original bag I purchased based on a friends suggestions and my own initial research were the following discs (thinking I'd be throwing them all straight and far): Champ Krait, Champ Thunderbird, Axiom Prism Proton Insanity SE Prototype, Champ TL, Champ Leopard3, Buzzz, and an RPM Cosmic Tui putter. All great discs I'm sure, but only a few of them fly well right now for me.

So on the suggestion of almost everyone (and since I need more discs to practice with), I just picked up a bunch of slightly stable, to neutral, to slightly understable midranges so I can practice. Plus I got them all in softer plastic as I was told they have better glide and are slightly more understable right away. As opposed to Champ plastic taking a while to "break in" and straighten out and get more glide. So I got the following discs to practice and play with: Lat64 Gold Line Maul, Lat64 Gold Line Fuse, Innova Star Mako3 and an MVP Neutron Tangent. All are apparently super easy to throw, super straight to slightly understable, and have a lot of glide and are low speed. So perfect for a beginner. I'm dropping my Krait, Insanity and Thunderbird for now until I can throw at that speed.

So far, at the local football field, I'm throwing my putter and Buzzz about 100-150' on avg and fairly straight when I concentrate. If I try to throw farther, I maybe get another 10-20', but the form drops off and the accuracy drops considerably. A few times I've thrown my putter around 200' and fairly straight-ish, but the Buzzz for some reason usually only goes about 150' and straigh-ish. If I try to throw it even a tad harder, it goes left, or right, or up and just putters out. The putter is much easier to get some really good throws with and is more forgiving it feels like.

When I throw the Leopard3, TL, Thunderbird or Insanity, they all go about 150-200' with only a few ever going over 200'. And most of them are definitely not very straight at all. Loads of nose up throws with tons of fade. Or super high, super left fades that go maybe 100'. I think the Insanity is the only one I've had more than 2 decent throws with ever. Sometimes I jerk yank them right, haha. It's a mess!

Then for some reason with my Krait driver, I actually get a bit better. Usually able to throw it about 200' with about 1/4 of my throws getting out around 250'. Also for some reason, I have had more throws that were nice and low that sailed with the Krait, and no other disc.

So I'm just going to start going through things I know I do poorly so that people can point me in the right direction as well as videos for drills and how to's.

So things that are not coming through in my throw, that I know to do and should be doing are:

- Nose down throws. Still not even sure what this means? I'm assuming it means throw the disc on a lower initial launch angle? Or maybe it just means to hold the disc in a way that it's slightly pointed nose down upon release? Not even sure how I can tell if I threw it nose down? I obviously know when I throw the disc lowish, as it stays lower, haha. About 10-15' off the deck. But still not sure about this "nose down" info everyone is always talking about. I've read some of the articles and still don't get it. I need help with this and grip possibly. Although I have read this article a few times: and nothing seems to help or make the results any better.

- High launch angles. No matter how hard I try, I seem to keep ending up with more of a baseball or golf uppercut follow through. Almost all my discs start out high and just keep climbing and then quickly lose steam and fall left or way left. Every once and awhile I'm able to throw a little flatter, but it feels weird and like I'm loosing power.

- Most throws just feel weak once they leave my hand. I had INCREDIBLE lag and snap in my golf and tennis swing. I know what it feels like. And I guess I just don't understand all the in depth mechanics of how and when I should be feeling that lag and then snap in the disc golf throw. I can throw nice and smooth, medium, or full power with a big run up and it feels weak every time. The disc goes 150-200 at the farthest most of the time and it just feels pathetic for how much power I'm putting into the swing at any power level. It is funny though how my slower no X step throws are barely shorter than my run up throws where I really lay into it, and way more accurate, haha.

- I also don't understand the mechanics or what I'm supposed to be doing or feeling with my wrist during the throw? Am I consciously supposed to be feeling a slight lag or "weak grip" of my wrist during the reach back, and then flick through right at the moment of release? Or not? I feel like I don't understand how the disc gets so much spin on it in order to stay straight and go far. I see pros throws and sometimes can see the extreme spin on the disc as the logo is just whizzing around. Whereas when I throw it, I can actually see the logo going around as it slowly makes it's way down the field and only goes 150-200'. If you know golf well, you know a player like Sergio Garcia has a TON of lag and then extreme wrist action right before he makes contact with the ball. So much in fact that he used to be able to hit the ball every bit as far as Tiger and others, even though he lacks the strength of Tiger or other strong bodied ball strikers. But, it was inconsistent and he had to work with his coach to get out of that hitch he had to get much more consistent. And even though he still has never become one of the greatest golfers in the world like a lot of people thought he would, his swing has become much more repeatable and consistent. And I notice that hitch or flick from a lot of the skinny young pros out there. Guys like McMahon, Barela, DeVries all have a hitch in their throw at the last second and really snap their wrist or arm through the release point it looks like. And yet then you have someone like Philo who literally looks like he's throwing it 100' maybe with barely any run up or speed in his swing at all, and he can throw it just as far! Or this guy (I think this is HUB? from this forum) in this video! He looks like he's barely throwing it at all, AND he's doing some drill where he's just windmilling the disc around and then just nonchalantly tosses 4-5 discs in a row 360-375' with a midrange!!!!! It's VERY confusing and it doesn't look like he's doing anything extraordinary or a whole lot different. I know he is, but it just doesn't look like it! It's CRAZY! HOW does he/everyone do this?

- I have watched a LOT of pro throws now, since getting into this sport. A LOT of pros throw differently, but the one thing they all do similar is get a good reach back (not all of them reach back super far though), a great weight transfer, and a boat load of speed right at the last second coming through. But one thing they do differently that is confusing to me, after reading all of this advice on how to throw better, is a high elbow/arm. I hear it over and over again, and yet I see tons of pros throw mid or low elbow/arm. Some throw mid, some low, some high. And it's something that bothers me. I've always felt much more power coming in mid or low on a golf/tennis/softball ball, not high. So when I try to keep my elbow/arm up high, it feels SUPER weird and like I'm getting no power transfer at all. Where as when I come through around belly height aprox, that is where I feel like I can really rip into it. But as of right now, I'm throwing everything with hyzer angle, high, and ends up fading out left around 150-230' almost every single throw.

So... do I HAVE to learn to throw with a high elbow? Or can you still become a consistent player with a lower arm angle? This is what I'm talking about

High Elbow/Arm throw:

Lower Elbow/Arm throw:

Well, that's what I have for now. I'll be posting in here after every practice session with progress and more questions and hopefully advice from people much more experienced than myself. Thanks everyone
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