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Originally Posted by lyleoross View Post
Yes, in an experimental thought exercise. In reality, there is muscle movement going on there. But before I stick my foot in my mouth, what is the value of such a discussion? I see none. The throw is very active, not passive. Even the whip of the wrist is not passive, it is a combination of active arm movement, and some active wrist snap, IMO. A completely passive wrist would flop about, like your arm experiment. It is a subtle notion that too often escapes folks who discuss this topic.

The arm movement should be such that it maximizes the position of the disc and the wrist to allow an efficient snap. That snap has elements that are both passive and active.

BTW - it is good to see that Dave is finally moving away from a passive throw to one where the mechanism moves you towards a more active process. If I understand this discussion. Perhaps not.
I'm not saying that you are in denial, but don't trash down the fact that "using the arm as a pendulum takes zero arm muscles". It is true since you could stick a ball on a string pendulum on your shoulder right now and start swinging it with your body. Obviously there is little muscle involvement going on, but you shouldn't be thinking about it that way.

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