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Originally Posted by Nova P View Post
Yeah, I'm no lawyer (heck, I'm not even well-read in bird law), but I suspect that taking an entire half-hour video and just laying a new audio track over it is not protected by the "fair use" doctrine.
Originally Posted by Streets View Post
It’s been awhile since Media Law for me but “parody” isn’t an iron clad defense for taking someone else’s content like this video does.
Intellectual property was one of my concentrations in law school. Fair use is one of those doctrines where there is a lot of gray area. A lot of people read about the factors and try to analyze whatever case/situation they are talking about. Many times people are just plain wrong. For example, I've had "artists" argue with me that a painted copy of another piece is a "parody" and thus fair use.

In any case, an academic argument and actual practice are two separate things.

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