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I throw Sparks. I find that they are a close substitute, but less OS. I actually did a three-way test comparing the Banshee (+), the EXP-X, and the Spark. I settled on the Spark for that slot. I think a Firebird is too fast for what you seek; however, it can get you there, too.

Now, Hampstead has a point about the pre-modified Spark. There are still some of those available via Marshall Street, actually. But, that gets you back to a problem of replacing lost discs.

There are also PLENTY of EXP-Xs and EXP-Ls online. I think EXP-Xs are onto run 1.2 now...

A MF TeeBird is not even CLOSE to a Banshee, by the way. The MF TeeBird (or TB3) is a slightly more OS TeeBird. Even a Brinster TeeBird is well short. A Banshee is an entire notch more in terms of hard, dumping fade.

The XXX is NOT OOP. The Trident is also available again. So, you have three Lat64 options.

The plus rim Banshees are not bad. The EXP-X is a fun disc. A Neutron Fireball isn't a bad idea. Good excuse to try new stuff!

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