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Originally Posted by DiscFifty View Post
This took me a while to get as well. Think more along the lines of the disc pointing level in the line it's moving. If a disc is traveling at an angle of say 2:00, the disc itself should be pointing 2:00. If it's traveling at 2:00 but the disc is pointed at 1:00 the disc is nose up. The biggest problem weaker arms have with throwing high is the disc stalls out before the apex where it turns over so the disc never gets the advantage of the tail wind pushing the disc.

Simon Lizotte was at Bicentennial course (Crowley, Tx) a few years back and he threw some 360 bombs for myself and a few friends. He talked in detail what was going on. It was crazy to see in person. Literally throwing discs so high..on a strong hyzer... they would flip and turn over just about at the highest point and then glide nose down forever AND get extra d at the end as they faded back. If the disc didn't turn over they would stall and fade out quickly, if they did turn over they would glide forever. He would even say "300, 350, 450, 500" instantly as they came out of his hand because he knew if he had the right snap on them to turn over. I can't stress amazingly high he was throwing these discs. Granted...these were the classic "world record long distance" throws and not your typical disc golf drives, but it was fricking amazing to witness in person.
I’m not a form expert but for work I’ve got enough aerodynamics knowledge that “nose up” vs “throwing high” is easy to understand. Applying it to the swing...yeah. About that.
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