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Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
I'll throw my 2c in here as well - consider splitting your OS utility duties into two separate discs - grab a lighter weight FAF firebird or the like as suggested above for trick shots, and get a separate OS fairway to cover backhand and forehand shots.

I would suggest a lightweight banshee or FAF firebird if you can find one plus a nice lucid felon or C FD3.

Personally I throw a 168ish g FAF firebird, a beefy MF teebird, and fortresses.

I actually have a 167 FAF Star FB that is about the beefiest disc I've ever thrown. Even with a couple years' use. I always paired it with the "normal" Star Firebirds. I traded away the last normal Firebird when it started to turn, and haven't gotten its replacement. Maybe it's time to just grab a regular old Champ FB and see if it takes longer to pick up turn than the Stars did.

I recently got a Felon to try out. It was perfect... for about 3 rounds. It quickly picked up as much turn as my last Star FB that I got rid of. And I traded into a Criminal. It's closer to my FAF Firebird than the other two I liked so well. But who knows- maybe it will break in to perfection if it seasons as quickly as that Felon has.

Oh, and I also just grabbed a Star Thunderbird. I threw one years ago that was like a mellow Firebird and had more beef than a PD, so maybe it will do the trick.

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