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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
Yes, he finished third.

It's the most logical and fair choice.
That's assuming Mr. Sinclair would have been the third choice of the majority of those who voted for Mr. Shive, which may or may not have been the case.

Mr. Sinclair garnered 5 more votes than Mr. West (1131 vs. 1126, out of 3861 ballots cast). Regardless of the vote for Mr. Shive had been split among the other candidates, if six more of Mr. Shive's supporters had voted for Mr. West than for Mr. Sinclair, Mr. West would have won by one vote.

Unfortunately, there is no way of identifying the 1434 members who voted for Mr. Shive and finding out who they would have voted for instead. That's why the timing of Mr. Shive's abrupt resignation is unconscionable and amounts to flipping a bird at the very "little people" he claimed to represent.

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