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Originally Posted by shive View Post
The consensus here is shared by at least one Board member, who said, ďI neither understand Peter's reasoning nor respect it. I believe any credibility he has established and his effectiveness to make change (post Board) will be greatly diminished. Congratulations Peter on becoming the first PDGA Board director to quit twice. You've set the bar for the Hall of Shame in the service sector . . . .Ē

I made my decision shortly after the second Conflict of Interest debacle in July and could have resigned then. Why didnít I? Because I expected (and hoped) to lose the election, and could thus have avoided the resignation flap altogether. It was worth the gamble. The fallout would have been just as bad if I had resigned in mid-July because you canít reboot an election after people have started voting.

Either way we would have been faced with the ambiguity between appointing Shawn Sinclair or Dave West. I recommended Shawn because he finished third, and I believed that the Board only wanted to consider my position at this time. There are other unfilled positions, and the Board could also appoint Dave in the future. I hope they do.

I donít have any problem with appointments of people who do well in elections, as Shawn and Dave did. My problem is with appointments of nonelected positions. I opposed the reappointment of Bob Decker before the election for that reason. Do you realize that if I had not resigned the Board would have precisely recreated itself by reappointment (Decker) and election (McCoy and myself)? I feel that the Board needs new blood. To put it another way, if only one of us could serve, better Shawn than I. That was in fact a minor factor in my decision.
you need to stop posting about this. you are just losing more and more respect. you've got great ideas and foresight, but you lack responsibility and stamina.

on the bolded section
an honorable man would have still resigned not gambled. even if you resigned mid election, some of those 1400 people had not voted yet im sure. they could have voted for someone else. the pDGA could've sent out an email that you were no longer electable. and possibly (idk how the system works) allowed for those who did vote for you already to recast a single vote for one of the other candidates.
And who cares if the BoD had re-made itself again. it was voted that way. people wanted your voice there, especially your standard position of dissent against the wrong ideas. people wanted McCoy there again cause he has forward thinking ideas.
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