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Originally Posted by Roswell View Post
That's for reading the thread =)

I have been moving away from super overstable stuff, realizing I dont need destroyer or anything that speed distance on most of my local courses. I have come to LOVE my Discraft ESP mantis. It's so straight. And also great for turning shots.

So my question to the community is:
Does anyone know of another disc like this, but maybe more towards the speed 10 area of disc?

Infinite discs says its a 8/4/-2/2
I think it's probably closer to a -2/1 on the turn and fade. At least in the Innova form of measurement, considering that's what I throw.

Thank you.
You have to remember as you go up in speed, if you arenít able to throw that actual speed rating the disc will act more stable than its numbers, that said. I would say try a heavy Z heat to try to get the extra stability you will need to match the flight of the mantis or go with an avenger ss, a tick faster than the heat. If you think you can get a speed 10 up to speed then a vulture would probably be your best bet as the previous comment mentioned.

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