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To answer a few of the questions that I think are most important:

Nose angle:
-the front of the disc, or leading part relative to trajectory, is considered the nose
-the nose must be lower than the back end of the disc relative to the trajectory path so that it pushes forward, rather than rising/stalling upward
-this is done by proper grip alignment first, then having a good swing plane so that you don't swoop the disc upward as in a poorly executed uppercut plane
-you can tell if the throw was nose down, because you should not be able to see the flight plate of the disc at all after release on a flat-ish throw. If you can see the top of the disc, even a sliver of it, you did not throw nose down enough.

-I hate this term
-BACKSWING is better
-it doesn't matter how far the disc or arm is matters you have constant control/leverage of the arm
-you don't try to get your golf club way past your head as far as turn back at the hips then torso, and the arms/club naturally moves back...same thing with your throwing arm
-do not use your shoulder socket to reach at all...turn with hips/torso, arm is with them

You are throwing the "club" or tennis racquet, not striking with the disc:
-so I would recommend the hammer drills, it will give you weight like you are used to feeling and then you can go somewhere SAFE and release the hammer to get used to how it leverages outward
-you don't need crazy wrist bend/lag, and it will happen naturally...don't force it
-do not try to spin the hammer/disc, it WILL rotate enough if you have good leverage
-don't focus on arm speed, focus on balance of your body, control/leverage of the arm, and staying clean with your planes
-the arcs adding at the same time will make the disc rocket out, not pure arm speed at the shoulder

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