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One thing that I'm looking for in ALL of this tons of information that is out there is THE KEY. I really don't want to seem arrogant or like a know it all. I obviously don't know it all as I'm struggling so far, and probably will continue to for sometime. And I am VERY grateful for all of this help that is out there and you guys pointing me to it. And trust me, I will go through most or all of it. But so far, a lot of the stuff I have watched or read, is stuff I already know or am doing. A LOT of this stuff is so similar to mechanics and technique required to hit a baseball, tennis ball or golf ball. And like I mentioned, I am very good at those and understand them very well. So a lot of the videos I'm watching so far are things I've already learned a long time ago from golf, tennis, or some other sport or are at the very least, super similar. So I'm not sure how much they will help me. I'm sure some will and some won't. And I'm definitely not saying I'm not going to go through them all and try them out, see how they work. I will. But what I'm really looking for is THE KEY. That one magic thing about the Disc golf throw that allows you to throw far.

So in golf, the only thing that ever really mattered and allowed me to finally become a great ball striker is the late release. The ability to learn and feel and then perform a late release. All new golfers have NO idea what it is, how to do it, and even when their taught how to do it, they can't and it feels weird. And it was the same for me. But one year into college, when I was working at Golf Galaxy, the pro was recording me swing, and said I was doing a lot right, but the one major thing he said I needed to work on and "understand" was the late release. Not sure why it happened at that point, but I decided to listen to him and really try hard to learn this "late release" thing. Long story short, I watched a bunch of videos of Ernie, Freddy, Sergio, Singh the pro had on the computer and saw with my own eyes what "IT" was. It blew my mind. I started working on it and it felt SUPER weird. It was a struggle for months. Then one day, it just started happening and the ball just started SLING SHOTTING off of my club with such little effort. It was like magic! The ability to hold that lag and the angle so late and then letting the build up of my swing power it through the ball at the last second and release was so amazing. And everything else was secondary and almost irrelevant to that. At that point, all the grip alignments, foot work, hip turn, straight back swing, turn in back swing, etc etc was secondary and didn't matter as much. Not that they didn't help, but at that point, I could do almost anything and still hit the ball a mile, with loads of spin, and shape it however I wanted! I realized at that point, that ALL those articles I'd wasted my time reading for years and years in Golf Digest and everywhere were more or less useless. Not the CORE issue of how to hit a golf ball far. You can NEVER hit the ball far, straight, with lots of spin, and with little effort unless you learn the late release. All the other stuff is just minor details that allow you to do that much better. Obviously you can't hit a golf ball well if you have bad balance, if your grip is super messed up, etc. But that is all beginner stuff. Stuff that someone who is intelligent knows already and does pretty well or great.

And that is what I'm looking for. What is that 1 Significant KEY to throwing a disc super far with little effort? And what are the drills to work on that key? And obviously I will be working on the stuff that is essential to laying a good foundation to allowing me to throw far and getting that down pat. And I can work on all the little details on the way and later on. But at this point, all I'm really concerned about what is THE KEY, so I can work on that, get it down, and start having fun throwing. What is the "late release" of disc golf and how do I work on getting it?

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